Thank You

From all three of the editors at the Mnemosyne Anthology, we would like to thank everyone who was involved for making this a wonderful first editing experience for us. We loved reading all of your stories and getting to put together this anthology. Though we have found a home for the physical copies, the e-book versions will remain for sale through this site. To everyone who was part of our journey, we would like to thank you for coming with us, and we hope that you feel as happy with your own future successes as we have with the outcome of this project.

Happy writing, and the best of wishes to all of you.



It’s been two weeks since we held our launch, and we’re delighted by the enthusiastic response we’ve had! We have less than ten physical copies remaining! Both the physical copies and the digital versions are both still available under the Buy tab if you’re interested but yet to pick one up.

All three of us editors would like to thank everyone who made this project possible, from everyone who submitted to everyone who picked one up to everyone who just had a look at our page and thought it was interesting. It has been a new experience and exciting experience for all of us, as we hope it has been for everyone involved.

Physical & Digital Anthology Copies On Sale!

Thank you to everyone who attended our launch last night, it was excellently attended and we hope everyone had fun!

The particularly eager amongst you will have noticed the new Buy tab at the top of our page – this is where you will be able to go to order a copy of the anthology. We are currently doing a limited run of physical copies, and after the success of last night’s launch we only have 20 left – though we’ll consider doing a second run if demand is high enough. The digital copies will, from now, be available online forever and available for you to purchase, either via Amazon for your Kindle or via Smashwords for all other devices. Physical copies are £5GBP plus postage, while due to wacky international e-publishing shenanigans the digital copies are $2.99USD, or the equivalent in your local Amazon.

We are all very excited to be able to bring this to you and hope that you’ll consider clicking on the tab and buying one.

Launch Event Tonight!

The physical launch event is tonight! We will be at Glasgow’s Offshore café from 6.30pm for free readings and free wine. We will also be selling copies of the anthology after the readings. The event will be in Offshore’s basement, which is past the bar. Our Facebook event page is here for more details.

For those of you who can’t make it tonight, we will be opening sales of the remaining physical copies and the unlimited supply of digital copies through this page tomorrow.

Launch Event Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be holding the launch for the Mnemosyne Anthology in the basement of Glasgow’s Offshore Café, with the event scheduled to begin at 6.30pm. There will be readings and free wine! Please visit our Facebook event page, we would very much appreciate a rough idea of numbers so we know how much wine will be appropriate.

Adventures In Editing – Week Five

With our print copy sent off and our venue booked, we don’t have very many tasks left – we have been finalising details for the launch event, and working on formatting the e-book version of the anthology. We intend to publish the e-version on both Kindle and Smashwords, with Smashwords handling the book’s distribution to other platforms such as the Kobo and iPad. Though Kindle offers some benefits for exclusivity, we decided that we valued accessibility first – we wouldn’t want a potential reader to be barred because they didn’t own a particular piece of technology.

As for the actual work of formatting the e-book, we’re following the style guidelines as laid out on Smashwords. We have run all of our content through notepad and will be re-applying formatting manually in order to make the book consistent, as well as ensuring that all formatting is e-book friendly.

We will be posting further reminders as the date gets closer, but for now – our physical launch event is in Glasgow this Thursday, and the book will be launching online on Friday. We are very excited, and we hope you will share in some of our excitement, whether you’re lucky enough to be in the area of the launch event or just thinking about picking up a copy after the e-launch.

Adventures In Editing – Week Four

This week, we finalised the print design of the book and have sent it off to be printers! They tell us that they have started printing already, so we will hopefully be inspecting the proof copy in the next few days, though it may be next week before we have the full print run in hand.

Though we already posted about this, our other major accomplishment this week was the confirmation of our launch date. Our launch party will be on Thursday April 3rd, and print and electronic copies will go on sale through the website on Friday April 4th. Details of the launch event can be found on the Facebook event page. If you’ll be in the Glasgow area that day, do come along!

Our projected goals for this week are to keep in contact with the printers to ensure that all goes well, and to put together the e-book copy. There is a lot more to putting up an e-book than just uploading a word file, but we’ll talk through that next week!